Financial boost to London skyline for homeowners?

George Osborne believes the overcrowded capitals needs to expand upwards and he's going to make it easier to do so.

Terraced homes - London

Terraced homes - London

New proposals unveiled this week by the Treasury could mean It may soon be possible for London homeowners to add more than one storey extensions, without having to gain planning permission. As long as the proposed development is not higher than their neighbours property.

This is going to be part of a set of reforms to relax planning rules to help bump up home construction due to the shortage of homes here in the UK.

This movement has been proposed to help homeowners. For example, a growing family could add extra space to their home by adding extra storeys, without needing to gain planning permission!

This will be based on the Neighbour Consultation Scheme. Meaning the home owner will still need to notify the council. The council will then notify adjoining properties informing the neighbours of the proposed development, giving them the option to object or not. (An objection needs a valid reason for the local authority to be able to refuse your proposal).

The proposal will follow the general Permitted Development rules and apply to houses but not flats or maisonettes.