Home owner tip: "Don't squash it!" Loft insulation.

One of our biggest problems with our homes is that we run out of space pretty quickly for one reason or another. Well that's why you come to us right? You want a bigger home!

Another big problem is the cost of keeping warm as gas and electric prices continue to rise.

Anyway a great place to utilise for storage when the house becomes cluttered is the loft. One of the biggest culprits for heat loss in the home is also "the loft"!

So you throw some boxes up there, and maybe put some boards down first so the boxes don't come crashing down through the ceiling and end up compacting the insulation. But thats ok right? as long as there is insulation there you're covered and well insulated!?

Well thats not the case, compressing the insulation will drastically effect its performance resulting in more heat loss. And to us that means a bigger heating bill.

See the image below (image source npl), as you can see the thermal resistance is halved when the insulation becomes squashed. A lower thermal resistance results in more heat loss.

loft insulation.jpg

This link "squashed loft insulation 50% less effective." will take you in to a little more depth if you want to read more about this.

Anyway lets share a solution with you. You can get the best of both worlds utilising your loft for storage whilst keeping its heat loss performance as high as possible. We suggest you check out Loft Zone, they are a UK company and provide a great system called StoreFloor

Alternatively, come to us and we'll design you an amazing loft conversion, somewhere thats efficiently warm to put boxes and the kids...