Charges and Fees


Our quotations include our fees for all work specified in the quote sent to you after your initial free consultation. 

We consider each job individual so we do not provide a general price guide on this website.

Plans and documentation

All plans are provided digitally at a click of a button. We encourage "Go Green Go Paperless!". We are encouraged by planning authorities to go green by going digital, all plans are submitted to local planning authorities and building control in digital PDF format. We email you copies of your final plans to scale and at a stated format of A4, A3, A2 or A1 paper size.

From time to time your builder may require paper copies of the plans, they can have the plan printed at a local printers, all they need is the PDF plan document provided to you upon completion of our works.

We can arrange for prints on your behalf at the following costs: 

(These costs are not including in your quotation)

A1 - £5.00 per copy
A2- £3.50 per copy
A3- £2.50 per copy
A4- £0.55 per copy

Plans will be folded for deliver and P&P is charged at a flat rate of £2.50.